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A bit about Beth and Kneaded Revolution...

Hi! My name is Beth Ann Warren and I am the owner of Kneaded Revolution Massage. The idea for kneaded Revolution came to me as I was completing my education and training. I was thinking of a way to make massage a more result based therapy, rather than the popular concept of it being solely a luxury treatment. After gaining more comprehensive experience through working with high end spas, as well as with an acupuncture clinic, I decided it was time to branch out on my own to start providing truly revolutionary care. Currently licensed in Oregon and Colorado, I have been helping restore balance as a massage therapist since 2012.  

 Specializing in migraine pain relief and tension headaches, I understand how debilitating head pain can be and aim to help you feel like yourself again. I am also skilled in many massage modalities, and provide an intuitive massage based on my clients needs. I am also currently expanding my practice to focus on teens with anxiety and depression. My packages are individually designed to help you achieve your ultimate pain relief and wellness goals. I also enjoy tapping into the metaphoric aspect of different ailments to address the underlying thoughts or beliefs that may be influencing your health.

Self care is a divine responsibility, and my goal is to assist you in that responsibility with the healing art of massage.