Revolutionary wellness programs

Are you looking for a radical shift in the relationship between your mind and your body? My unique programs are designed to do just that through a series of sessions that are tailored specifically to your needs. I will work with you to clear tension from your muscles to restore mobility and free you from pain, examine unconscious thoughts and beliefs that may be blocking your ability to heal, and work with your natural energy flows to restore balance. Each session is approximately 90 minutes, and due to the varied services, packages can not be booked online at this time.


Migraine Relief

This 5 session program focuses on relieving the debilitating pain of migraines. Each session will consist of a different treatment designed to your specific triggers. Through use of trigger point therapy, essential oils, abdominal massage, visualizations, and relaxation techniques targeting face, head, neck, and shoulders, we will ease the mind. $499


Kneaded Escape

This 5 session program focuses on relieving stress and anxiety. Each session will consist of a different soothing and relaxing treatment. Through use of essential oils, hot stones, visualizations, chakra activation, and relaxation massage, your worries will melt away and you will have a renewed sense of ease. $499


Kneaded Relief

This 5 session program is designed to create lasting results from chronic pain and discomfort. Starting with a full assessment, each session will address the specific muscle groups that are involved in the area of discomfort as well as any areas that may be referring pain to the area. May include neuromuscular therapy, hot stone, passive and active stretching, organ massage, and trigger point therapy. $499




The Sampler

With this 3 session sampler, you can mix and match your own sessions that interest you or that you may be curious about. These are 60 minute sessions and are a way to get a feel for what the bigger programs offer, and also allows you to try sessions you may want to experience, essentially creating your own mini program. You may choose between relaxation, hot stone, neuromuscular therapy, organ massage, and chakra balancing/ energy flows. $230